Please read the following very carefully. We need to ensure that your child is safe at all times and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

  • Please ensure that you always close doors and gates behind you.
  • If your child has a medical condition and/or has to take any medication on a regular basis please see Mrs Smith. She will ask you to sign some relevant paper work and ensure that your child will be given the appropriate medication when needed.
    If your child is prescribed antibiotics it is advisable to keep them at home until they have completed the course as we cannot administer the medication in school.
  • Please do not smoke on our premises.
  • Please do not bring dogs onto our premises.
  • You can leave pushchairs on the premises in the buggy store.
    Please do not bring them into nursery as they cause obstructions to fire exits.
  • If your child has pierced ears, please only allow them to wear stud type earrings.
  • Your child will inevitably have minor accidents at school. We will inform you if this happens and record it on the Accident Form. If your child has a bumped head we will inform you in writing so that you can keep a special eye on them. If your child has an accident, which requires urgent medical attention, we will call an ambulance first then contact you. Please sign the relevant paperwork on your visit to Nursery.
  • Please check your child’s hair frequently to ensure there are no unwanted little visitors. You can download an information document about Head Lice here.